Gabriel Zuchtriegel with the collaboration of Marta Ilaria Martorano

Year: 2019
ISBN: 978-88-569-0645-5

“There were many of these divine ‘dwellings’ in Paestum, as was the case in the other Greek cities around the Mediterranean. The Temple of Neptune is simply the best preserved one. Next to it stands the so-called basilica, the most ancient of the three large Doric buildings of Paestum (560-520 BC approx.). More to the north, beyond the Roman age forum, on what used to be the Agorà (market, square, the place where meetings were held during the Greek age), a small hillock is crowned by the Temple of Athena – the only one whose worshipped deity is known with certainty…”. [Gabriel Zuchtriegel].

a masterful, rigorous and accessible guide, updated with the latest archaeological discoveries, to the best preserved and popularised archaeological site in Magna Graecia.

illustrations by inklink musei

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