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Seismic monitoring of the Temple of Neptune

Monitoring activities in progress

Using a series of state-of-the-art sensors, positioned both high up on the monument and below ground next to the foundations of the building, we can conduct measurements in real time of even the slightest movements affecting the Temple of Neptune and analyse the changes. Here you can observe the “dynamic behaviour” of the temple at this very moment. Not only can the sensors measure seismic activity, but they can also calculate the impact that the wind or railway traffic may have on the temple. Based on this technique, it is possible to build models that enable structural changes inside the building to be recorded, as well as monitoring the potential risks for its conservation.
The project to monitor the Temple of Neptune is part of a programme of research activities of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia, organised in conjunction with the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Salerno. The research directors of the project are Gabriel Zuchtriegel, the Director of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia and Professor Luigi Petti.
The monitoring work has been funded with the help of the private sector through the ArtBonus platform of the Italian Ministry of Culture with donations from two important patrons of the arts, D’Amico D&D Italia Spa and Sorrento Sapori e Tradizioni Srl, with contributions from other smaller donors who have taken part in the ArtBonus project “The Temple of Neptune is moving – take part in a unique voyage!”.



Monitoring system with indication of the reading points