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Welcome to HERA! An online platform for cataloging, management and study of the heritage of the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia.

HERA is a shared digital system that allows you to examine and manage the finds, documents and images of the entire archaeological heritage of the Park. It also allows you to cross databases in an efficient and scalable way.
It is aimed at everyone, both professionals and enthusiasts, and is available in real time even thousands of kilometers away from any device with internet access.

Each element is geo-referenced and associated with an in-depth information sheet, with all the necessary information cataloged according to the ICCD standards. The graphic interface, familiar and intuitive, facilitates the work of consultation and study.

The system is continuously updated, after each filing, retrieval and rearrangement of the data. Therefore, come and visit us often.

With HERA we give visibility, transparency and dissemination to archaeological knowledge that is the heritage of all.

Log into the system and discover a new way of doing archeology.