Increasing accessibility at the Paestum Archaeological Park with “Restoration Showcase”!
Every day, it is possible to watch and take part in the restoration of the architectural fragments of the fourth temple of Poseidonia, discovered last June.

With paintbrushes, spatulas, scrapers and chemical solutions, the restorers of the park show how their invaluable work is done and, above all, the importance of restoration work in preserving such important archaeological materials. For the occasion, an ad hoc laboratory has been set up in the cella, to welcome visitors and chat with them on these essential issues.

The capitals, columns, cornices and triglyphs recovered fortuitously by the western portion of the city walls, while cleaning up the entire perimeter of the walls, are to be restored. They had been hidden by a veritable jungle of weeds and debris accumulated in about 50 years: the archaeologists of the Archaeological Park brought them back to light and they are now on display in the museum to be studied and, indeed, restored.

Unfortunately, not the whole temple was recovered; some of the architectural elements are still buried and risk remaining decontextualised or, even worse, being destroyed, unless a broad archaeological investigation is carried out. That is the next objective of the Paestum Archaeological Park, which started a fundraiser on the ArtBonus website to bring back to light the further evidence of what has been defined a jewel of Doric architecture of the first classical period of Paestum.