byGabriel Zuchtriegel

Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-88-569-0596-0

A history in pictures and sounds, spanning imagination and rigorous iconographic documentation: the centre stage is taken by one of the most brilliant artists who depicted the Greek temples of Paestum, Giambattista Piranesi – an enigmatic and contradictory artist in many ways, defender of the Roman world but capable of romantic visions that go beyond the neoclassical experience, between calligraphic antiquities and “picturesque” bucolic landscapes.

“I sought to fill the gaps in what Piranesi stood for with imagination, using music as an accompaniment to his etchings…words that perhaps were never said or written, which however in my view explain that subterranean shift between Baroque and Romanticism that transpires from the drawings of Paestum.” (Gabriel Zuchtriegel)